Kit Cars

It is now possible for the average consumer to enjoy and experience a car that would otherwise be out of reach to them.

We can build and customize the car of your choice for you. You will choose the style, we will personalize the cockpit for your height and sitting position – you choose the break horse power from 300 to 2000 depending upon the spec’s. If you like Cobras, Lotus Seven inspired Sportscars, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Jaguar Replicas, in fact all Kitcars and Specialist Sportscars we can help you to own a legendary car. If you have your own Kit you would like put on a car we can do that aswell. The car of your dreams – you too will realise the pleasure that only a few who own original cars have experienced, make yourself something special and something that is made totally to what u would like call us to ask for more info