A Few Words About Us

While the Glamour Cars has become a by-word for luxurious car hire, the latest additions to our services push back the boundaries to a level rarely seen before.

We consider our luxury hire service as the ultimate in indulgence. Isn't it about time you treated yourself and your clients or guests to a taste of the high life that no body will ever forget?

Perfect for business and hospitality, our range of luxury cars, cruisers, helicopters and jets won't fail to impress. You are guaranteed a personalised service and a team of dedicated staff will ensure your time with us is enjoyable.

Our cars are far more superior then the average super car you will hire. We spent thousands of pounds to make them look and feel like a Glamour Car with a priceless budget. We don't want our customers to experience a factory standard super car, we want you to experience something even more special and the Glamour Cars super cars provide you with that. We have an excellent reputation and our attention to detail is second to none.

To make it possible for the average consumer to enjoy and experience a product that would otherwise be out of reach we also offer our custom build services. Our kit cars are customized to you, so you get exactly the car you want with the performance you have always wanted.

In short, we have a quality system; quality people, quality standards, quality vehicles and quality equipment.

Making sure that all these things are in place demonstrates a real commitment to providing a service that is second to none. You make the investment in us and we can assure you 100% commitment in providing you service that you will never have experienced before. We are renowned for providing the very best in luxury travel, whilst offering the latest in safety and comfort. To maintain this type of reputation requires serious investment; investment in time, people and money.


  • 1
  • Vessel
  • 2
  • Skipper and Crew
  • 3
  • 40 miles fuel allowance per day
  • 4
  • Home Mooring
  • 5
  • Fuel for tender
  • 6
  • Breakfast
  • 7
  • Lunch