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Appling For Auto Credit?

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Consumers are being hurt right and left by the carelessness of Credit bureaus and 
unethical practices of collection agencies. <br/> <br/>
It's true that the credit bureaus databases on the credit histories are full of inaccuracies; 
a recent study put the figure at 1 in 3 credit reports contains inaccurate data.  It's true 
that the large amount of data the credit bureaus handle make it difficult to stay on top of 
things and make sure their databases are correct.  But credit bureaus are for-profit 
corporations who could be doing more with their profits to make sure that the data they 
have is accurate.  <br/> <br/>
In some cases, the data inaccuracies are grievous, making it difficult or impossible for 
some people to purchase a home, pay higher interest rates or insurance premiums.  To 
prevent undue hardship from befalling innocent consumers, the credit bureaus should be 
making a bigger effort to ensure data accuracy in their credit databases.  So what is a 
consumer to do?  Call your congressman, lobby congress?  Sure, you can do all these 
things, and in time, laws may be tightene
d which will help protect the consumer.   <br/> <br/>
However, these things take time, lots of time.  And actually the laws are in somewhat decen  shape as they stand right now; they are just not 
enforced as well as they should 

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</p><b>Enforcement of the current consumer credit protection laws</b><p>

<p><img style=
If you figure that this country has 260 million people, with some too young to have a credit file and some don't have a credit file at all, there are at least 100 million credit files for the bureaus to maintain.

If 1 in 3 credit files are inaccurate, then there are 33 million cases where the credit bureaus might be contacted to correct the problem.

If you consider that only 5% of these inaccuracies are impossible to remove through the fault of the creditor or the creditor not taking the time to investigate the problem or just being unresponsive, then there are 165,000 cases which should be handled by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you figure that that in a good year, the FTC in Washington has 1000 workers just to investigate complaints, and each case takes 7 days to investigate, then it will take 1155 days or 3.14 years to investigate the current cases, that is, if everyone complained about the problem. And this is for current cases. As time goes by, obviously, more and more inaccurate data is entered into a consumer's credit file.

Individuals aren't as they ought to be whining as much. A lot of people are conscious of Additionally, the FTC fact-finding procedure is a long one, as well as in case of many Violator to be filed, and any appeal that might be brought to be heard is no alternative.

Relief is needed by most consumers from credit inaccuracies promptly to buy that house or receive the best bargains on rates of interest. The precise progress of How its investigations are handled by the FTC is presented in Appendix A.

So what's the answer?

Obviously, you need to take non-legal in concluding the problems you've got measures first. In enough attempt was made by many courts, it's going to damage your case in the event the judge believes you ven't Most of the time, you can get whatever you really would like by phoning or composing the collection agency, credit bureau or lender and asking for the corrections or upgrades you require. It's possible for you to mention the law utilizing the info in this reportloan

Suing in small claims court is often called the "poor man's class action lawsuit".

You realize "Money talks" the old words and "Vote together with your dollars". Well, until it's within their greatest attention to do this many businesses, the credit agencies and lenders integrated, aren't likely to alter their methods. Many of these businesses have stockholders so you think they'll behave to alter their methods if among their methods is charging them a much better bottom-line. One of these simple methods is foryou the customer, to do this officially against these businesses whenever your privileges have already been broken.

Profit while helping others

The best news is that typically, each violation is between $1000 fine, so it's money in your pocket. In addition, you are going to help make someone else's life better by suing someone who has broken the law. If everyone took action when their rights were violated, the credit bureaus would lose a fortune in legal disputes. It's time to protect your rights as a consumer as well as protecting the rights of your fellow United States citizens. Let's run some numbers again to see how much the credit bureaus could be liable for if everyone took action:

If 165,000 violations (the conservative number we calculated above) by a single credit bureau were taking place, and everyone of those consumers who were harmed took the credit bureau to small claims court and won a $1000 settlement, then the cost to the credit bureau would be $165 Million. You don't think that would make a company sit up and take notice? That it might think about reviewing its business practices? You bet it would.

In addition, many credit files contain more than one inaccuracy and in some cases, the way the data is reported on the credit report violates more than one law. The $165 M cost of litigation could actually be much higher.

America is called a litigious country because everyone sues at the drop of a hat. Why not use the legal process for good? You have every right to these companies to court when they break the law and your reputation is harmed.